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Intended Interface
Internal Stuff

Collecting and finding the definition site of an identifier.

This module analyses Haskell code to find the definition sites of identifiers within.

moduleGraphDefSiteDB :: FilePath -> ModuleGraph -> ScionM DefSiteDB
moduleSiteDB :: (FilePath, Module) -> ScionM DefSiteDB
mkSiteDB :: FilePath -> [TyThing] -> DefSiteDB
addToDB :: String -> Location -> TyThing -> DefSiteDB -> DefSiteDB
dumpDefSiteDB :: DefSiteDB -> String
Intended Interface
:: FilePathBase path (see ghcSpanToLocation)
-> ModuleGraph
-> ScionM DefSiteDB

Construct a DefSiteDB for a complete module graph.

Note: All the modules mentioned in the module graph must have been loaded. This is done either by a successful call to load or by a call to loadModule for each module (in dependency order).

:: (FilePath, Module)Base path (see ghcSpanToLocation) and module.
-> ScionM DefSiteDB
Construct a DefSiteDB for a single module only.
Internal Stuff
mkSiteDB :: FilePath -> [TyThing] -> DefSiteDBSource
Construct a SiteDB from a base directory and a list of TyThings.
addToDB :: String -> Location -> TyThing -> DefSiteDB -> DefSiteDBSource
dumpDefSiteDB :: DefSiteDB -> StringSource
Dump a definition site DB to stdout. (For debugging purposes.)
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