Changelog for sequenceTools-

V 1.2.3 : Adapted to newest sequence-formats. Had to change all the chromosome-related code to the newType Chrom datatype. Also started implementing normaliseBimWithVCF.

V 1.2.4: normaliseBimWithVCF is ready.

V 1.3.0: Lots of refactoring. Lots of testing. Removed some features in vcf2eigenstrat and in pileupCaller, including the option in pileupCaller to call without a SNP file.

V 1.3.1: Bumped dependency on sequence-formats to new sequence-formats-1.4.0, which includes strand-information in pileup data, as well as rsIds in freqSum to output the correct rsId, and an option to parse chromosomes X, Y and MT.

V 1.4.0: Added single strand mode, and new triallelic treatment.

V Improved README, fixed output bug in genoStats.hs