servant-queryparam-client-2.0.0: Client support for servant-queryparam-core.
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module exports orphan instances to make servant-queryparam-core work with clients.

Orphan instances

(RunClient m, Generic a, GHasClient mod m (Rep a) api) => HasClient m (RecordParam mod a :> api) Source # 
Instance details

Associated Types

type Client m (RecordParam mod a :> api) #


clientWithRoute :: Proxy m -> Proxy (RecordParam mod a :> api) -> Request -> Client m (RecordParam mod a :> api) #

hoistClientMonad :: Proxy m -> Proxy (RecordParam mod a :> api) -> (forall x. mon x -> mon' x) -> Client mon (RecordParam mod a :> api) -> Client mon' (RecordParam mod a :> api) #