shaker-0.5.1: simple and interactive command-line build tool




Manage all file operations like listing files with fileListenInfoIncludes and exclude patterns and file filtering


Utility functions

getCorrespondingBuildFile :: FilePath -> Shaker IO FilePathSource

Get the build file (without extension) for the given file

List files functions

listModifiedAndCreatedFiles :: [FileListenInfo] -> [FileInfo] -> IO ([FileInfo], [FileInfo])Source

Get the tuples of (newFiles,modifiedFiles) from given list of fileListenInfoDirectory

listFiles :: FileListenInfo -> IO [FilePath]Source

List files in the given fileListenInfoDirectory Files matching one regexp in the fileListenInfoIgnore shakerArgument are excluded

getCurrentFpCl :: FileListenInfo -> IO [FileInfo]Source

Get the list of FileInfo of the given fileListenInfoDirectory

recurseListFiles :: FileListenInfo -> IO [FilePath]Source

Recursively list all files All non matching files are excluded

Default patterns

defaultHaskellPatterns :: [String]Source

Default haskell file pattern : *.hs

defaultExclude :: [String]Source

Default exclude pattern : Setup.hs

Exception handling