Changelog for shh-

Revision history for shh -- 2019-08-21

Allow optionally capturing stdout on failure exceptions -- 2019-08-12

Change how we test for library installation. -- 2019-08-06

This is a fairly major refactor which consolidates a bunch of type classes and simplifies a few things. -- 2019-06-26

This change doesn't remove any functions or majorly change any semantics, but it will break everything. We now use ByteString instead of String as the basis for interaction with the OS. This has the potential to improve performance, but most importantly, helps with correctness. -- 2019-05-23 -- 2019-04-20

0.3.X.X -- 2019-03-10

0.2.X.X -- 2019-01-23

0.1.X.X -- 2018-11-02