sifflet-lib- Library of modules shared by sifflet and its tests and its exporters.

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Exports Sifflet to Haskell Requires haskell-src package.



data HaskellOptions Source

User configurable options for export to Haskell. Currently these options are unused. The line width options should probably go somewhere else, maybe as PrettyOptions.

defaultHaskellOptions :: HaskellOptionsSource

The default options for export to Haskell.

exportHaskell :: HaskellOptions -> ExporterSource

Export functions with specified options to a file

functionsToHsModule :: String -> Functions -> ModuleSource

Converting Sifflet to Haskell syntax tree

Create a module from a module name and Functions.

functionToHsDecl :: Function -> DeclSource

Create a declaration from a Function. Needs work: infer and declare the type of the function. Minimally parenthesized.

exprToHsExpr :: Expr -> ExprSource

Converts a Sifflet Expr to a fully parenthesized Haskell Expr