Changelog for simgi-0.3

2010-02-10 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.3 released * many bugfixes (an important one relates to 3 way and higher order reactions which we computed incorrectly in version 0.2). * another significant overhaul of SGL language specs which are now much more streamlined. Main changes - dropped "def" keyword from input block to simplify parser - all SGL identifier that expect a Double/Integer literal now accept either parse-time or run-time statement blocks. - the event definition block syntax is now much more consistent with the rest of the SGL - the "outputFile" keyword has been moved to the output block * simgi will now try to evaluate statement blocks while parsing in order to minimize the run-time overhead. * added many more tests to the test suite. 2009-12-01 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.2 released. * significant overhaul of SGL language spec. This will break backward compatibility with simgi 0.1. * replaced simple RNG with a 64 bit Mersenne Twister implementation. * added expression statements and the ability to describe simulation events via the "events" block. * added ability to specify output format. 2009-06-02 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.1.1 release (identical to 0.1 with only a few minor changes needed for uploading to Hackage). 2009-05-30 Markus Dittrich <> * initial commit