Changelog for simple-sql-parser-0.3.1

0.3.1 (commit 5cba9a1cac19d66166aed2876d809aef892ff59f) update to work with ghc 7.8.1 0.3.0 (commit 9e75fa93650b4f1a08d94f4225a243bcc50445ae) fix the basic operator fixity parsing swap the order in select item abstract syntax so it is now (expression, alias) which matches the order in the concrete syntax rename ScalarExpr -> ValueExpr rename Duplicates to SetQuantifier rename qeDuplicates to qeSetQuantifier rename OrderField to SortSpec rename InThing to InPredValue add support for ? for parameterized queries add new abstract syntax for special operators whose concrete syntax is a kind of limited named parameters syntax add more parsing for these operators: position, convert, translate, overlay, trim, and improve the substring parsing add support for multi keyword type names previously: double precision character varying now: double precision, character varying, char varying, character large object, char large object, national character, national char, national character varying, national char varying, national character large object, nchar large object, nchar varying, bit varying rename tools/PrettyIt to tools/SQLIdent and add to cabal file as optional executable (disabled by default) rename the qeFetch field in Select to qeFetchFirst change the pretty printer to use 'fetch first' instead of 'fetch next' 0.2.0 (commit 9ea29c1a0ceb2c3f3157fb161d1ea819ea5d64d4) '' quotes in string literal parse simple interval literal e.g. "interval '1 week'" support . in identifiers as a dot operator support quoted identifiers partial support for explicit window frames support multiple test expressions in when branches in case expressions rename CastOp to TypedLit support typenames with precision and scale in casts support nulls first and nulls last in order by support grouping expressions: group by (), grouping sets, cube, rollup and parens support with recursive support values table literal support 'table t' syntax rename fields qe1 and qe1 in combinequeryexpr to qe0 and qe1 add support for functions in from clause add support for lateral in from clause support column aliases in common table expressions refactor the tests and add lots more parse * in any scalar context instead of trying to restrict it support row ctor without 'row' e.g. (a,b) = (c,d) add % ^ | & ~ operators support ansi standard syntax for offset n rows and fetch first n rows only fix keyword parsing to be case insensitive (commit 9bf4012fc40a74ad9a039fcb936e3b9dfc3f90f0) initial release