snap-extras- A collection of useful helpers and utilities for Snap web applications.

Safe HaskellNone



data NavTrail b Source




ntSes :: SnapletLens b SessionManager

A session manager for the base

initNavTrail Source


:: SnapletLens b SessionManager

Lens to the session snaplet

-> Maybe (Snaplet (Heist b))

The heist snaplet (not a lens), if you want splices to be added automatically.

-> SnapletInit b (NavTrail b) 

setFocus :: Handler b (NavTrail b) () Source

setFocus' :: ByteString -> Handler b (NavTrail b) () Source

setFocusToRef :: Handler b (NavTrail b) () Source

getFocus :: Handler b (NavTrail b) (Maybe Text) Source

getFocusDef :: Text -> Handler b (NavTrail b) Text Source

redirBack :: MonadSnap m => m a Source

redirFocus :: ByteString -> Handler b (NavTrail b) a Source

backSplice :: MonadSnap m => HeistT m m Template Source

backCSplice :: Splice (Handler b v) Source

focusSplice :: SnapletLens (Snaplet v) (NavTrail b) -> Splice (Handler b v) Source

focusCSplice :: SnapletLens (Snaplet v) (NavTrail b) -> Splice (Handler b v) Source

addNavTrailSplices :: Snaplet (Heist b) -> Initializer b (NavTrail b) () Source