snap-extras-0.6: A collection of useful helpers and utilities for Snap web applications.

Safe HaskellNone




paramSplice :: MonadSnap m => Splice mSource

Gets the value of a request parameter. Example use:




:: MonadIO m 
=> FilePath

Path to the directory on disk holding the javascript files.

-> String

A prefix to add to the src attribute of each script tag.

-> Splice m 

Searches a directory on disk and all its subdirectories for all files with names that don't begin with an underscore and end with a .js extension. It then returns script tags for each of these files.

You can use this function to create a splice:

 ("staticscripts", scriptsSplice "static/js" "/")

Then when you use the <staticscripts/> tag in your templates, it will automatically include all the javascript code in the static/js directory.