so-daily: App for logging into the Stackoverflow website.

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Opens a browser and logins into the stackoverflow website every X minutes.

An example of scheduling logins for each 12 hours of runtime:

./so-daily --email --password test123 -repeat $((12*60))

This package is designed to work as a background process with a selenium server. Use the verbose option to print runtime information to standard output.

so-daily - automatic scheduled SO login

 Usage: sodaily [-r|--repeat X] [-v|--verbose] (-e|--email ARG)
                (-p|--password ARG)
   Login daily to the stackoverflow website

 Available options:

   -h, --help                Show this help text
   -r, --repeat X            Login in each X seconds
   -v, --verbose             Show more information while running
   -e, --email ARG           Email to use for login
   -p, --password ARG        Password to use for login

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Dependenciesbase (==4.*), HTTP, old-locale (==1.*), optparse-applicative, text (>=0.11), time (==1.4.*), transformers (==0.3.*), webdriver (>=0.6) [details]
Copyright(c) 2015 Afonso Matos <>
AuthorAfonso Matos
UploadedFri Sep 11 22:54:33 UTC 2015 by catgocat


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This package contains a command line tool for automating SO logins in a regular ammount of time.


Install and run selenium server with

./ ~/Desktop/exampledir

Run the command line tool app

./so-daily --email --password test123 --verbose

All the options available are explained in the --help command output.

./so-daily --help