souffle-haskell-0.0.1: Souffle Datalog bindings for Haskell
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A helper module for generating more user friendly type errors in the form of custom constraints. This is an internal module, not meant to be used directly.



type family SimpleProduct (a :: Type) (f :: Type -> Type) :: Constraint where ... Source #

A helper type family used for generating a more user-friendly type error for incompatible types when generically deriving marshalling code for the Marshal typeclass.

The a type parameter is the original type, used when displaying the type error. The f type parameter should be equal to 'Rep a', used for analyzing the structure of the data type.

A type error is returned if the passed in type is not a simple product type consisting of only simple types like Int32 and String.


SimpleProduct a f = (ProductLike a f, OnlySimpleFields a f)