Changelog for sparse-linear-algebra-0.3.1

* Changed `SpMatrix` to use `foldlWithKey'` for efficiency (Joshua Moerman)

* Bumped LTS to 11.3 (GHC 8.2.2)

* Removed unneeded dependencies from stack.yaml

* Fixed a number of instances, un-commented tests (Joshua Moerman)

* Documented issues with complex number support (Joshua Moerman)
* Moved to IntMap.Strict (Gregory Schwartz)

* Stackage LTS bump to 10.4 (GHC 8.2)
Improved pretty printer:

* Fixed display precision (e.g. 2 decimal digits), fixed column width output for vectors and matrices

* Small and large values (wrt fixed precision) switch to scientific notation
Exceptions constructors are exported by Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Sparse
* Uses classes from `vector-space` such as AdditiveGroup, VectorSpace and InnerSpace

* QuickCheck tests for algebraic properties, such as matrix-vector products and soon more abstract ones e.g. positive semi-definite matrices

* Getting rid of `error` in favor of MonadThrow exceptions for high-level operations such as matrix algorithms