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Functions for the GHC package database.



getGlobalDB :: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadLogger m) => EnvOverride -> WhichCompiler -> m (Path Abs Dir) Source #

Get the global package database

findGhcPkgField Source #


:: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadLogger m) 
=> EnvOverride 
-> WhichCompiler 
-> [Path Abs Dir]

package databases

-> String

package identifier, or GhcPkgId

-> Text 
-> m (Maybe Text) 

Get the value of a field of the package.

createDatabase :: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadLogger m) => EnvOverride -> WhichCompiler -> Path Abs Dir -> m () Source #

Create a package database in the given directory, if it doesn't exist.

getCabalPkgVer :: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadLogger m) => EnvOverride -> WhichCompiler -> m Version Source #

Get the version of Cabal from the global package database.

ghcPkgExeName :: WhichCompiler -> String Source #

Get the name to use for "ghc-pkg", given the compiler version.

ghcPkgPathEnvVar :: WhichCompiler -> Text Source #

Get the environment variable to use for the package DB paths.

mkGhcPackagePath :: Bool -> Path Abs Dir -> Path Abs Dir -> [Path Abs Dir] -> Path Abs Dir -> Text Source #

Get the value for GHC_PACKAGE_PATH