{-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude #-}
{-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes, TemplateHaskell, TypeFamilies, OverloadedStrings,
             GADTs, FlexibleContexts, MultiParamTypeClasses, GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving,
             RankNTypes, NamedFieldPuns #-}

-- | Global sqlite database shared by all projects.
-- Warning: this is currently only accessible from __outside__ a Docker container.
module Stack.Docker.GlobalDB

import           Control.Monad.Logger (NoLoggingT)
import           Stack.Prelude
import           Data.List (sortBy, isInfixOf, stripPrefix)
import           Data.List.Extra (stripSuffix)
import qualified Data.Map.Strict as Map
import qualified Data.Text as T
import           Data.Time.Clock (UTCTime,getCurrentTime)
import           Database.Persist
import           Database.Persist.Sqlite
import           Database.Persist.TH
import           Path (parent, (<.>))
import           Path.IO (ensureDir)
import           Stack.Types.Config
import           Stack.Types.Docker
import           System.FileLock (withFileLock, SharedExclusive(Exclusive))

share [mkPersist sqlSettings, mkMigrate "migrateTables"] [persistLowerCase|
    imageHash                 String
    projectPath               FilePath
    lastUsedTime              UTCTime
    DockerImageProjectPathKey imageHash projectPath
    deriving Show
    imageHash                 String
    exePath                   FilePath
    exeTimestamp              UTCTime
    compatible                Bool
    DockerImageExeUnique      imageHash exePath exeTimestamp
    deriving Show

-- | Update last used time and project for a Docker image hash.
updateDockerImageLastUsed :: Config -> String -> FilePath -> IO ()
updateDockerImageLastUsed config imageId projectPath =
  do curTime <- getCurrentTime
     _ <- withGlobalDB config (upsert (DockerImageProject imageId projectPath curTime) [])
     return ()

-- | Get a list of Docker image hashes and when they were last used.
getDockerImagesLastUsed :: Config -> IO [DockerImageLastUsed]
getDockerImagesLastUsed config =
  do imageProjects <- withGlobalDB config (selectList [] [Asc DockerImageProjectLastUsedTime])
     return (sortBy (flip sortImage)
                    (Map.toDescList (Map.fromListWith (++)
                                                      (map mapImageProject imageProjects))))
    mapImageProject (Entity _ imageProject) =
      (dockerImageProjectImageHash imageProject
      ,[(dockerImageProjectLastUsedTime imageProject
        ,dockerImageProjectProjectPath imageProject)])
    sortImage (_,(a,_):_) (_,(b,_):_) = compare a b
    sortImage _ _ = EQ

-- | Given a list of all existing Docker images, remove any that no longer exist from
-- the database.
pruneDockerImagesLastUsed :: Config -> [String] -> IO ()
pruneDockerImagesLastUsed config existingHashes =
  withGlobalDB config go
    go = do
        l <- selectList [] []
        forM_ l (\(Entity k DockerImageProject{dockerImageProjectImageHash = h}) ->
            when (h `notElem` existingHashes) $ delete k)

-- | Get the record of whether an executable is compatible with a Docker image
getDockerImageExe :: Config -> String -> FilePath -> UTCTime -> IO (Maybe Bool)
getDockerImageExe config imageId exePath exeTimestamp =
    withGlobalDB config $ do
        mentity <- getBy (DockerImageExeUnique imageId exePath exeTimestamp)
        return (fmap (dockerImageExeCompatible . entityVal) mentity)

-- | Seet the record of whether an executable is compatible with a Docker image
setDockerImageExe :: Config -> String -> FilePath -> UTCTime -> Bool -> IO ()
setDockerImageExe config imageId exePath exeTimestamp compatible =
    withGlobalDB config $
    do _ <- upsert (DockerImageExe imageId exePath exeTimestamp compatible) []
       return ()

-- | Run an action with the global database.  This performs any needed migrations as well.
withGlobalDB :: forall a. Config -> SqlPersistT (NoLoggingT (ResourceT IO)) a -> IO a
withGlobalDB config action =
  do let db = dockerDatabasePath (configDocker config)
     dbLock <- db <.> "lock"
     ensureDir (parent db)
     withFileLock (toFilePath dbLock) Exclusive (\_fl -> runSqlite (T.pack (toFilePath db))
               (do _ <- runMigrationSilent migrateTables
         `catch` \ex -> do
             let str = show ex
                 str' = fromMaybe str $ stripPrefix "user error (" $
                        fromMaybe str $ stripSuffix ")" str
             if "ErrorReadOnly" `isInfixOf` str
                 then throwString $ str' ++
                     " This likely indicates that your DB file, " ++
                     toFilePath db ++ ", has incorrect permissions or ownership."
                 else throwIO (ex :: IOException)

-- | Date and project path where Docker image hash last used.
type DockerImageLastUsed = (String, [(UTCTime, FilePath)])