Changelog for statistics-

Changes in * Bugs in DCT and IDCT are fixed. * Accesors for uniform distribution are added. * ContGen instances for all continous distribtuions are added. * Beta distribution is added. * Constructor for improper gamma distribtuion is added. * Binomial distribution allows zero trials. * Poisson distribution now accept zero parameter. * Integer overflow in caculation of Wilcoxon-T test is fixed. * Bug in 'ContGen' instance for normal distribution is fixed. Changes in * Kolmogorov-Smirnov nonparametric test added. * Pearson chi squared test added. * Type class for generating random variates for given distribution is added. * Modules 'Statistics.Math' and 'Statistics.Constants' are moved to the @math-functions@ package. They are still available but marked as deprecated. Changed in * @dct@ and @idct@ now have type @Vector Double -> Vector Double@ Changes in * The type classes Mean and Variance are split in two. This is required for distributions which do not have finite variance or mean. * The S.Sample.KernelDensity module has been renamed, and completely rewritten to be much more robust. The older module oversmoothed multi-modal data. (The older module is still available under the name S.Sample.KernelDensity.Simple). * Histogram computation is added, in S.Sample.Histogram. * Discrete Fourie transform is added, in S.Transform * Root finding is added, in S.Math.RootFinding. * The complCumulative function is added to the Distribution class in order to accurately assess probalities P(X>x) which are used in one-tailed tests. * A stdDev function is added to the Variance class for distributions. * The constructor S.Distribution.normalDistr now takes standard deviation instead of variance as its parameter. * A bug in S.Quantile.weightedAvg is fixed. It produced a wrong answer if a sample contained only one element. * Bugs in quantile estimations for chi-square and gamma distribution are fixed. * Integer overlow in mannWhitneyUCriticalValue is fixed. It produced incorrect critical values for moderately large samples. Something around 20 for 32-bit machines and 40 for 64-bit ones. * A bug in mannWhitneyUSignificant is fixed. If either sample was larger than 20, it produced a completely incorrect answer. * One- and two-tailed tests in S.Tests.NonParametric are selected with sum types instead of Bool. * Test results returned as enumeration instead of @Bool@. * Performance improvements for Mann-Whitney U and Wilcoxon tests. * Module @S.Tests.NonParamtric@ is split into @S.Tests.MannWhitneyU@ and @S.Tests.WilcoxonT@ * sortBy is added to S.Function. * Mean and variance for gamma distribution are fixed. * Much faster cumulative probablity functions for Poisson and hypergeometric distributions. * Better density functions for gamma and Poisson distributions. * Student-T, Fisher-Snedecor F-distributions and Cauchy-Lorentz distrbution are added. * The function S.Function.create is removed. Use generateM from the vector package instead. * Function to perform approximate comparion of doubles is added to S.Function.Comparison * Regularized incomplete beta function and its inverse are added to S.Function