stratosphere-0.1.0: EDSL for AWS CloudFormation

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Creates a custom parameter group for an RDS database family. For more information about RDS parameter groups, see Working with DB Parameter Groups in the Amazon Relational Database Service User Guide. This type can be declared in a template and referenced in the DBParameterGroupName parameter of AWS::RDS::DBInstance.



dbParameterGroup Source

Constructor for DBParameterGroup containing required fields as arguments.

dbpgDescription :: Lens' DBParameterGroup (Val Text) Source

A friendly description of the RDS parameter group. For example, "My Parameter Group".

dbpgFamily :: Lens' DBParameterGroup (Val Text) Source

The database family of this RDS parameter group. For example, "MySQL5.1".

dbpgParameters :: Lens' DBParameterGroup (Maybe Value) Source

The parameters to set for this RDS parameter group. Changes to dynamic parameters are applied immediately. Changes to static parameters require a reboot without failover to the DB instance that is associated with the parameter group before the change can take effect.

dbpgTags :: Lens' DBParameterGroup (Maybe [ResourceTag]) Source

The tags that you want to attach to the RDS parameter group.