stratosphere-0.1.0: EDSL for AWS CloudFormation

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The AWS::RDS::DBSecurityGroup type is used to create or update an Amazon RDS DB Security Group. For more information about DB Security Groups, see Working with DB Security Groups in the Amazon Relational Database Service Developer Guide. For details on the settings for DB security groups, see CreateDBSecurityGroup. When you specify an AWS::RDS::DBSecurityGroup as an argument to the Ref function, AWS CloudFormation returns the value of the DBSecurityGroupName.



dbsgEC2VpcId :: Lens' DBSecurityGroup (Maybe (Val Text)) Source

The Id of VPC. Indicates which VPC this DB Security Group should belong to. Type: String

dbsgDBSecurityGroupIngress :: Lens' DBSecurityGroup [RDSSecurityGroupRule] Source

Network ingress authorization for an Amazon EC2 security group or an IP address range. Type: List of RDS Security Group Rules.

dbsgGroupDescription :: Lens' DBSecurityGroup (Val Text) Source

Description of the security group. Type: String

dbsgResourceTags :: Lens' DBSecurityGroup (Maybe [ResourceTag]) Source

The tags that you want to attach to the Amazon RDS DB security group.