Metadata revisions for stratux-types-0.0.6

Package maintainers and Hackage trustees are allowed to edit certain bits of package metadata after a release, without uploading a new tarball. Note that the tarball itself is never changed, just the metadata that is stored separately. For more information about metadata revisions, please refer to the Hackage Metadata Revisions FAQ.

No. Time User SHA256
-r1 2018-07-05T04:25:29Z GeorgeWilson 4d0dfff055548df5228211a89fd71fe6d7184d753244ea5bbf349e83fdaa4e4f
  • Changed the library component's library dependency on 'base' from

    <5 && >=4
    <4.9 && >=4

-r0 2016-06-10T02:53:46Z TonyMorris 449ef0bcdcba307bb81f4f7b592c80093f66e4d5704abf0c09c9fd38c1acc0cc