Changelog for streaming-postgresql-simple-

Revision history for streaming-postgresql-simple -- 2019-11-28 -- 2018-01-02 -- 2018-01-02

Increase upper bound of base. -- 2017-02-03

Correctly perform finalisation in query functions.

The previous implementation would perform the necessary finalisation only if the stream was drained. Some handling was in-place such that exceptions wouldn't cause the stream to end prematurely, but this isn't enough. We now use MonadResource to register an action to drain the stream.

Users should now wrap calls using query with runResourceT:

>>> runResourceT (S.mapM_ print (query c "SELECT * FROM t"))

Correctly deal with transactions in stream

stream requires a transaction in order to function. If there isn't a transaction open, stream would create one, but if you manually called commit or rollback from within the stream, the internal state would become inconsistent. This would lead to confusing error messages.

We now watch the transaction state as we pull items out from the stream, and inform the user if the internal state is not what we expected. Further more, cleanup actions (commit/rolling back the transaction) now only happen if there is still a transaction open. -- 2017-02-02