Changelog for stringsearch- - move some INLINE pragmas to make it compile with 7.2.1 - fix error in docs 0.3.6: - fix typos in haddocks 0.3.5: - set up public repo at bitbucket 0.3.4: - split implementation of Boyer-Moore between strict and lazy targets - set spec-constr-count to 4 for ghc-7 0.3.3: - updated email address 0.3.2: - relaxed constraint on containers package (no incompatible API changes) 0.3.1: - fix spaceleak in split due to pairs holding on to first component - fix docs for splitKeepFront 0.3.0: - improved performance of old KMP searching functions (minor) - changed behaviour for empty patterns - changed return type to [Int] for KMP matching in strict BS - improved performance of old BM searching functions - (minor speedup for ordinary searches, major improvement for worst case) - added new functionality, - breaking, splitting and replacing - new algorithm (DFA) - simultaneous search for multiple patterns (KarpRabin)