subtitleParser-0.5: A parser for .srt and .sub files

Safe HaskellNone




A basic parser for .sub files (microDVD) based on Attoparsec and Text


Terminology of the module

I strongly recommend to understand the Line Datatype , which is the foundation of this module.

Refering to the parts of a single line of a subtitle file.

{50}{100}{y:i}Drama here!

The first to numbers correspond to the frame in which the text Drama here! is displayed. Note that this implementation support the optional flags about text format and color

Re-exported Datatypes

Main Parsers

parseSingleLine :: Parser LineSource

Given the example return the corresponding Line representation. At the moment this not handles modifiers as underlines or bold text

parseSUB :: Parser SubtitlesSource

Main parser of .sub files, given a .sub file it return a list of the dialog lines