swish- A semantic web toolkit.

MaintainerDouglas Burke



Swish: Semantic Web Inference Scripting in Haskell

This program is a simple skeleton for constructing Semantic Web [1] inference tools in Haskell, using the RDF graph and several RDF parsers (at present Notation 3 and NTriples).

It might be viewed as a kind of embroyonic CWM [2] in Haskell, except that the intent is that Haskell will be used as a primary language for defining inferences. As such, Swish is an open-ended toolkit for constructing new special-purpose Semantic Web applications rather than a closed, self-contained general-purpose SW application. As such, it is part of another experiment along the lines described in [3].

The script format used by Swish is described in Swish.RDF.SwishScript.

Users wishing to process RDF data directly may prefer to look at the following modules; Swish.RDF, Swish.RDF.TurtleParser, Swish.RDF.N3Parser, Swish.RDF.N3Formatter, Swish.RDF.NTParser and Swish.RDF.NTFormatter.

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