--  See end of this file for licence information.
-- |
--  Module      :  Ord
--  Copyright   :  (c) 2012 Douglas Burke
--  License     :  GPL V2
--  Maintainer  :  Douglas Burke
--  Stability   :  experimental
--  Portability :  CPP
--  Provide an ordering for URIs (that is, an 'Ord' instance for
--  'URI').
--  This instance is provided so that URIs can be used as the
--  key of a 'Data.Map.Map'. Case is relevant for the ordering,
--  and no attempt is made to decode percent-encoded values (i.e.
--  the comparison does /not/ use a canonical or normalized form).
--  For @network@ version @ and higher, this module is a no-op,
--  since 'Network.URI' now defines these instances.

module Network.URI.Ord () where

#if MIN_VERSION_network(2,4,0)


import Network.URI (URI(..), URIAuth(..))

-- NOTE: we do not say compare = comparing show for the URI
-- instance since the standard show instance for URIs does not
-- include a password if included as part of the authority field.

instance Ord URI where
    URI s1 a1 o1 q1 f1 `compare` URI s2 a2 o2 q2 f2 =
        (s1,a1,o1,q1,f1) `compare` (s2,a2,o2,q2,f2)

instance Ord URIAuth where
    URIAuth ui1 rn1 p1 `compare` URIAuth ui2 rn2 p2 =
        (ui1,rn1,p1) `compare` (ui2,rn2,p2)


--  Copyright (c) 2012 Douglas Burke
--  All rights reserved.
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--  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
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