swish- A semantic web toolkit.

Copyright(c) 2003, Graham Klyne, 2009 Vasili I Galchin, 2011, 2012, 2014 Douglas Burke
LicenseGPL V2
MaintainerDouglas Burke
PortabilityCPP, OverloadedStrings
Safe HaskellNone



This module defines the structures used to represent and manipulate RDF xsd:integer datatyped literals.



rdfDatatypeXsdInteger :: RDFDatatype Source

The RDFDatatype value for xsd:integer.

rdfDatatypeValXsdInteger :: RDFDatatypeVal Integer Source

Define Datatype value for xsd:integer.

Members of this datatype are positive or negative integer values.

The lexical form consists of an optional + or - followed by a sequence of decimal digits.

The canonical lexical form has leading zeros and + sign removed.

typeNameXsdInteger :: ScopedName Source

Type name for xsd:integer datatype.

namespaceXsdInteger :: Namespace Source

Namespace for xsd:integer datatype functions.

axiomsXsdInteger :: [RDFFormula] Source

The axioms for xsd:integer, which are

xsd:integer a rdfs:Datatype .

rulesXsdInteger :: [RDFRule] Source

The rules for xsd:integer.