synthesizer-core-0.6: Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part

Safe HaskellNone



These are pieces that can be assembled to a control curve. This was formerly part of the Control module but because of the overlap with immediate control curve generators I created a new module.



type T sig a = Piece a a (LazySize -> a -> sig a)Source

run :: (C a, Transform (sig a)) => LazySize -> T a a (LazySize -> a -> sig a) -> sig aSource

step :: Write sig a => T sig aSource

linear :: (C a, Write sig a) => T sig aSource

exponential :: (C a, Write sig a) => a -> T sig aSource

cosine :: (C a, Write sig a) => T sig aSource

halfSine :: (C a, Write sig a) => FlatPosition -> T sig aSource

 Graphics.Gnuplot.Simple.plotList [] $ Sig.toList $ run $ 1 |# (10.9, halfSine FlatRight) #| 2

cubic :: (C a, Write sig a) => a -> a -> T sig aSource