synthesizer-llvm-0.8.2: Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

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Various LLVM related instances of the BM.T type. I have setup a separate module since these instances are orphan and need several language extensions.



data T a

bend is a frequency factor and depth is a modulation depth to be interpreted by the instrument.




bend :: a
depth :: a


Functor T 
Applicative T 
Foldable T 
Traversable T 
Eq a => Eq (T a) 
Show a => Show (T a) 
Storable a => Storable (T a) 
NFData a => NFData (T a) 
C l => C (T l) 
C v => C (T v) 
Simple v => Simple (T v) 
Undefined a => Undefined (T a) 
Zero a => Zero (T a) 
MakeValueTuple h => MakeValueTuple (T h) 
Select a => Select (T a) 
Phi a => Phi (T a) 
MakeArguments (T a) 

deflt :: C a => T a

shift :: C a => a -> T a -> T a

Multiply the pitch bend by a given factor. This way you can e.g. shift the pitch bend from around 1 to the actual frequency.