synthesizer-llvm-0.8.2: Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

Safe HaskellNone




data T a b Source


forall state ioContext paramTuple . (Storable paramTuple, MakeValueTuple paramTuple, C (ValueTuple paramTuple), C state) => Cons (forall r. ValueTuple paramTuple -> state -> CodeGenFunction r (b, state)) (forall r. ValueTuple paramTuple -> CodeGenFunction r state) (a -> IO (ioContext, paramTuple)) (ioContext -> IO ()) 


Functor (T a) 

class Default a whereSource

Associated Types

type Element a :: *Source


deflt :: T a (Element a)Source


rmap :: (a -> b) -> T b c -> T a cSource

split :: T a c -> T b d -> T (T a b) (c, d)Source

fanout :: T a b -> T a c -> T a (b, c)Source

storableVector :: (Storable a, MakeValueTuple a, ValueTuple a ~ value, C value) => T (Vector a) valueSource

piecewiseConstant :: (Storable a, MakeValueTuple a, ValueTuple a ~ value, C value) => T (T Int a) valueSource

controllerSet :: (Natural n, Storable a, MakeValueTuple a, ValueTuple a ~ Value a, FirstClass a, IsSized a, IsSized (Stored a)) => Proxy n -> T (T Int a) (Value (Array n a))Source

Return an Array and not a pointer to an array, in order to forbid writing to the array.