Changelog for tagsoup-0.13.1

Changelog for TagSoup 0.13.1 #562, treat <script> specially as per HTML5 0.13 #616, extend to all HTML5 entities Optimise lookupNamedEntity Replace escapeXMLChar with escapeXML Change all Entity functions to return String, not Int or Char 0.12.7 Allow deepseq-1.3 Allow QuickCheck-2.5 Support bytestring-0.10 (NFData instances added) 0.12.6 #515, don't crash on malformed characters (use ? instead) 0.12.5 Add optRawTag to Render, to ensure script's don't get escaped 0.12.4 #487, fix the behaviour of ~== for TagComment and others 0.12.3 GHC 7.2 compatibility 0.12.2 Add StringLike instances for Text 0.12.1 Add parseOptionsEntities and improve documentation 0.12 Upgrade to QuickCheck 2.4.* Export toTagRep Make the -download flag off by default Eliminate HTTP dependency Eliminate mtl dependency 0.11.1 Support --flags=-download to eliminate the network dependency 0.11 #326, <a "foo"> is no longer treated as an attribute Add Eq/Ord instances to Tree Don't mark Text.HTML.TagSoup.Tree as preliminary #325, \r should be treated as whitespace 0.10.1 #322, don't change ' to &apos; in render (do what the docs say) 0.10 Improve the cabal file, make the test program off by default Expose Text.HTML.TagSoup.Match again (was hidden accidentally) 0.9 #294, let optEntityData see if there was a ';' (CHANGES API) Numeric/hex entities in attributes were misparsed #149, add escapeHTML function 0.8 Parser now based on HTML5 specification Tag is now parameterised by the string type 0.6 Addition of Text.HTML.TagSoup.Tree and Text.HTML.TagSoup.Render Text.HTML.TagSoup.Parser.Options renamed to ParseOptions Text.HTML.TagSoup.Parser.options renamed to parseOptions 0.4 Changelog started