tagsoup-ht-0.2: alternative parser for the tagsoup package



This is a tag soup parser with a custom tag data structure.

The parser works only on proper Unicode texts, that is, you must have decoded it before, e.g. using decoding functions from hxt or encoding package.



class CharType char Source


runSoup :: CharType char => String -> [T char]Source

Like runSoupWithPositions but hides source file positions.

runSoupWithPositions :: CharType char => String -> [T char]Source

Parse an HTML document to a list of T. Automatically expands out escape characters.

runTag :: (CharType char, Show char) => String -> T charSource

Parse a single tag, throws an error if there is a syntax error. This is useful for parsing a match pattern.

runInnerOfTag :: (CharType char, Show char) => String -> T charSource

Parse the inner of a single tag. That is, runTag "<bla>" is the same as runInnerOfTag "<bla>".