tasty-0.8: Modern and extensible testing framework

Safe HaskellNone




This module exports the basic ingredients defined in the tasty packages.

Note that if defaultIngredients from Test.Tasty suits your needs, use that instead of importing this module.


Console test reporter

consoleTestReporter :: IngredientSource

A simple console UI

newtype Quiet Source

Do not print test results (see README for details)


Quiet Bool 

Listing tests

listingTests :: IngredientSource

The ingredient that provides the test listing functionality

newtype ListTests Source

This option, when set to True, specifies that we should run in the «list tests» mod


ListTests Bool 

testsNames :: OptionSet -> TestTree -> [TestName]Source

Obtain the list of all tests in the suite

Adding options

includingOptions :: [OptionDescription] -> IngredientSource

This ingredient doesn't do anything apart from registering additional options.

The option values can be accessed using askOption.