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The Pointer class
The Convert class
The Element class
The Size class
Module for handling terralib an haskell objects
class Pointer a where
new :: a -> IO (Ptr a)
fromPointer :: Ptr a -> IO a
delete :: Ptr a -> IO ()
class Convert a b where
to :: a -> b
from :: b -> a
class Element a b where
getElement :: Ptr a -> Int32 -> IO b
class Size a where
size :: Ptr a -> IO Int32
The Pointer class
class Pointer a whereSource
The class Pointer is a class for handling pointers to objects, ex: TePoint and TePointPtr
new :: a -> IO (Ptr a)Source
create a pointer from haskell object
fromPointer :: Ptr a -> IO aSource
create a haskell object from a pointer
delete :: Ptr a -> IO ()Source
delete a pointer from memory
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The Convert class
class Convert a b whereSource
The class Convert permit the converts from diferents objects
to :: a -> bSource
convert from a to b
from :: b -> aSource
convert from b to a
The Element class
class Element a b whereSource
getElement :: Ptr a -> Int32 -> IO bSource
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The Size class
class Size a whereSource
size :: Ptr a -> IO Int32Source
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