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The TeQuerier type
The TeQueriers class

A module for supporting a TeQuerier TerraLib class

A class to build spatial temporal instances (STInstance) from different sources

More information - http://www.terralib.org

data TeQuerier = TeQuerier TeLayerPtr Bool Bool
class TeQueriers q where
loadInstances :: Ptr q -> IO Bool
numElemInstances :: Ptr q -> IO Int32
nextInstance :: Ptr q -> IO TeSTInstancePtr
The TeQuerier type
data TeQuerier Source
The type TeQuerier represent a TerraLib Class TeQuerier
TeQuerier TeLayerPtr Bool Bool
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The TeQueriers class
class TeQueriers q whereSource
loadInstances :: Ptr q -> IO BoolSource
Loads the STInstances. If frame>-1, loads only the instances of the frame-simo frame
numElemInstances :: Ptr q -> IO Int32Source
nextInstance :: Ptr q -> IO TeSTInstancePtrSource
Returns the next instances
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