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The TeSTInstance type
The TeSTInstancePtr type
Operations on TeSTInstancePtr

A module for supporting a TeSTInstance TerraLib class

An instance in a time of a spatial element

More information - http://www.terralib.org

data TeSTInstance = TeSTInstance
type TeSTInstancePtr = Ptr TeSTInstance
getProperties :: TeSTInstancePtr -> IO [Property]
getGeometry :: TeSTInstancePtr -> TeLayerPtr -> IO [TeGeometry]
objectId :: TeSTInstancePtr -> IO String
The TeSTInstance type
data TeSTInstance Source
The type TeSTInstance represent an instance in a time of a spatial element
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The TeSTInstancePtr type
type TeSTInstancePtr = Ptr TeSTInstanceSource
The type TeSTInstancePtr is a pointer to TeSTInstance
Operations on TeSTInstancePtr
getProperties :: TeSTInstancePtr -> IO [Property]Source
Returns the property list of this instance
getGeometry :: TeSTInstancePtr -> TeLayerPtr -> IO [TeGeometry]Source
Returns the geometry list of this instance
objectId :: TeSTInstancePtr -> IO StringSource
Returns the object identification
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