Changelog for text-

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* encodeUtf8: Performance is improved by up to 4x.

* encodeUtf8Builder, encodeUtf8BuilderEscaped: new functions,
  available only if bytestring >= is installed, that
  allow very fast and flexible encoding of a Text value to a
  bytestring Builder.

  As an example of the performance gain to be had, the
  encodeUtf8BuilderEscaped function helps to double the speed
  of JSON encoding in the latest version of aeson! (Note: if
  all you need is a plain ByteString, encodeUtf8 is still the
  faster way to go.)

* All of the internal module hierarchy is now publicly
  exposed.  If a module is in the .Internal hierarchy, or is
  documented as internal, use at your own risk - there are no
  API stability guarantees for internal modules!

* decodeUtf8: Fixed a regression that caused us to incorrectly
  identify truncated UTF-8 as valid (gh-61)

* Added support for Unicode 6.3.0 to case conversion functions

* New function toTitle converts words in a string to title case

* New functions peekCStringLen and withCStringLen simplify
  interoperability with C functionns

* Added support for decoding UTF-8 in stream-friendly fashion

* Fixed a bug in mapAccumL

* Added trusted Haskell support

* Removed support for GHC 6.10 (released in 2008) and older