tidal-0.9.1: Pattern language for improvised music

Safe HaskellNone




m6 :: [Int] Source #

m9 :: [Int] Source #

chordate :: Num b => [[b]] -> b -> Int -> [b] Source #

chordate cs m n selects the nth "chord" (a chord is a list of Ints) from a list of chords cs and transposes it by m

flatpat :: Pattern [a] -> Pattern a Source #

flatpat takes a Pattern of lists and pulls the list elements as separate Events

enchord :: Num a => [[a]] -> Pattern a -> Pattern Int -> Pattern a Source #

enchord chords pn pc turns every note in the note pattern pn into a chord, selecting from the chord lists chords using the index pattern pc. For example, Chords.enchord [Chords.major Chords.minor] "c g" "0 1" will create a pattern of a C-major chord followed by a G-minor chord.