timeparsers-0.3.2: Attoparsec parsers for various Date/Time formats.

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TimeZone Parsers

offsetTimeZone :: OptionedParser TimeZoneSource

Parse a timezone in offset format

namedTimeZone :: OptionedParser TimeZoneSource

Parse an lookup a named timezone

defaultTimeZone :: OptionedParser TimeZoneSource

Parse an offset TimeZone or named TimeZone

Timestamp Parsers

posixTime :: OptionedParser POSIXTimeSource

Parse a rational number and interpret as seconds since the Epoch

zonedTime :: OptionedParser LocalTime -> OptionedParser TimeZone -> OptionedParser ZonedTimeSource

Given a LocalTime parser and a TimeZone Parser, parse a ZonedTime

localTime :: OptionedParser Day -> OptionedParser TimeOfDay -> OptionedParser LocalTimeSource

Given a Date parser and a TimeOfDay parser, parse a LocalTime

defaultZonedTime :: OptionedParser ZonedTimeSource

Parse a zonedTime using defaultLocalTime and defaultTimeZone

defaultLocalTime :: OptionedParser LocalTimeSource

Parse a LocalTime using defaultDay and defaultTime

defaultTimestamp :: FromZonedTime a => OptionedParser aSource

Parse a Timestamp using posixTime or defaultZonedTime

Extended Timestamps

extendTimestamp :: FromZonedTime a => OptionedParser a -> OptionedParser (ExtendedTimestamp a)Source

Parse an explicit timestamp, or a relative time (now, today, yesterday, tomorrow)