trajectory- Tools and a library for working with Trajectory.



The Trajectory API, or a subset of it at least. This mirrors the underlying implementation, which ties stories to iterations.



getStories :: String -> String -> String -> IO (Either Error ([Story], [Iteration]))Source

Get all the incomplete stories and iterations for a given user key, account name, and project name. Since stories and iterations are tied together in the underlying API, this produces them as a pair.

It produces an IO of either an error or the stories/iterations pair. The error can come from the HTTP, or from non-JSON input, or from a change to the JSON.

   possibleStories <- getStories "abcdefg" "thoughtbot" "opensource"
   case possibleStories of
     (Left error) -> putStrLn $ "got the error: " ++ show error
     (Right (stories,iterations)) ->
       putStrLn $ intercalate "\n" $
         (map formatStory stories) ++ (map formatIteration iterations)