Changelog for transformers-

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--change-log-- Ross Paterson May 2014 * Reverted to record syntax for newtypes until next major release Ross Paterson May 2014 * Added Sum type * Added modify', a strict version of modify, to the state monads * Added ExceptT and deprecated ErrorT * Added infixr 9 Compose to match (.) * Added Eq, Ord, Read and Show instances where possible * Replaced record syntax for newtypes with separate inverse functions * Added delimited continuation functions to ContT * Added instance Alternative IO to ErrorT * Handled disappearance of Control.Monad.Instances Ross Paterson Mar 2012 * Added type synonyms for signatures of complex operations * Generalized state, reader and writer constructor functions * Added Lift, Backwards/Reverse * Added MonadFix instances for IdentityT and MaybeT * Added Foldable and Traversable instances * Added Monad instances for Product Ross Paterson Oct 2013 * Backport of fix for disappearance of Control.Monad.Instances Ross Paterson Sep 2010 * Handled move of Either instances to base package Ross Paterson Apr 2010 * Added Alternative instance for Compose * Added Data.Functor.Product Ross Paterson Mar 2010 * Added Constant and Compose * Renamed modules to avoid clash with mtl * Removed Monad constraint from Monad instance for ContT Ross Paterson Mar 2009 * Adjusted lifting of Identity and Maybe transformers Ross Paterson Mar 2009 * Added IdentityT transformer * Added Applicative and Alternative instances for (Either e) Ross Paterson Jan 2009 * Made all Functor instances assume Functor Ross Paterson Jan 2009 * Adjusted dependencies Ross Paterson Jan 2009 * Two versions of lifting of callcc through StateT * Added Applicative instances Ross Paterson Jan 2009 * Added constructors state, etc for simple monads Ross Paterson Jan 2009 * Split Haskell 98 transformers from the mtl