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Given two acyclic graphs G1 and G2 sharing some nodes, and a list V1 of nodes in G1, let A be the union of G1 intersect G2 and V1. The function in this module returns a list L of type [(Node,[Node])] such that (1) The first elements in each pair in L are precisely those elements of V1 not in G2. (2) For each element (n,ms) in L, the list ms contains precisely those vertices m of G1 such that (a) m is in A; (b) there is a path from m to n in G1 which has no common vertices with A except at its endpoints. (3) Where the list contains two elements (n1,ms1) and (n2,ms2), such that ms2 contains n1, then (n1,ms1) comes before (n2,ms2) in the list.

The purpose of all this is to provide a list of the nodes to be constructed in G2 to extend it by V1 while preserving as much as possible of the path structure in V1. This is used for adding version graph information.


findCommonParents :: (Show node1, Show node2, Show nodeKey, Ord nodeKey) => GraphBack node1 nodeKey -> GraphBack node2 nodeKey -> [node1] -> [(node1, [(node1, Maybe node2)])] Source #

data GraphBack node nodeKey Source #




  • getAllNodes :: [node]

    Get all nodes in the graph

  • getKey :: node -> Maybe nodeKey

    If the node does not exist in the graph Nothing. Otherwise Just key where key is a "nodeKey", an ordered key uniquely distinguishing the node (and used to detect common elements in the two graphs)

  • getParents :: node -> Maybe [node]

    If node does not exist Nothing, otherwise immediate parents of node.