uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs



HTk's checkbutton widget. A simple checkbutton associated with a polymorphic variable.



data CheckButton a Source

The CheckButton datatpe - it is associated with a polymorphic TkVariable.


Eq (CheckButton a) 
Destroyable (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget can be destroyed.

Synchronized (CheckButton a)

You can synchronize on a checkbutton object.

GUIObject (CheckButton a)


HasEnable (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget is a stateful widget, it can be enabled or disabled.

HasJustify (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton has a text justification configuration.

HasUnderline (CheckButton a)

You can set the index of a text character to underline.

HasFont (CheckButton a)

You can specify the font of a checkbutton.

HasBorder (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget has a configureable border.

HasSize (CheckButton a)

You can specify the size of a checkbutton.

HasColour (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget has a normal foreground and background colour and an active/disabled foreground and background colour.

HasAnchor (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton has a text anchor.

HasTooltip (CheckButton a)

An checkbutton can have a tooltip (only displayed if you are using tixwish).

Widget (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget has standard widget properties (concerning focus, cursor).

HasCommand (CheckButton a)

When a checkbutton is clicked, a corresponding event is invoked.

ButtonWidget (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget can be flashed (redisplayed several times in alternate colours) and invoked (the associated event) as any button widget.

HasVariable (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton has a value, that corresponds to a polymorphic TkVariable. instance GUIValue a => HasValue (CheckButton a) a No, it doesn't.

The polymorphic variable the checkbutton's value is associated with.

HasBitMap (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget can contain a bitmap.

HasPhoto (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton can contain an image.

GUIValue v => HasText (CheckButton a) v

A checkbutton can contain text.



:: Container par 
=> par

the parent widget, which has to be a container widget (an instance of class Container).

-> [Config (CheckButton a)]

the list of configuration options for this checkbutton.

-> IO (CheckButton a)

A checkbutton widget.

Constructs a new checkbutton widget and returns a handler.