uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs

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This module contains MenuType - a general abstract datatype for menus - plus some map-like operations on it.

NBNBNB. MenuType is also used by the graphs and daVinci stuff, which is supposed to be independent of HTk. So before making HTk-specific changes to this datatype, please find some way of harmlessly ignoring them (at best) for daVinci.


data MenuPrim subMenuValue value Source #


Button String value 
Menu subMenuValue [MenuPrim subMenuValue value] 

mapMenuPrim :: (a -> b) -> MenuPrim c a -> MenuPrim c b Source #

mapMenuPrim' :: (c -> d) -> MenuPrim c a -> MenuPrim d a Source #

mapMMenuPrim :: Monad m => (a -> m b) -> MenuPrim c a -> m (MenuPrim c b) Source #

mapMMenuPrim' :: Monad m => (c -> m d) -> MenuPrim c a -> m (MenuPrim d a) Source #