uni-util- Utilities for the uniform workbench



AUTHOR : George Russell University of Bremen DATE : 2000 DESCRIPTION : This module provides a uniform interface for debugging purposes. In final versions of this module it would be best to make the debug function do nothing and force it to be inlined.




debug :: Show a => a -> IO ()Source

show something to log file if debugging is turned on.

debugAct :: String -> IO a -> IO aSource

If an action fails print out a message before propagating message.

(@:) :: String -> IO a -> IO aSource

alwaysDebug :: Show a => a -> IO ()Source

always show something to the log file

alwaysDebugAct :: String -> IO a -> IO aSource

always print out a message if action fails.

debugString :: String -> IO ()Source

Send a string to the debug file. This differs from debug, in that debug will Haskell-escape the string and add a newline, while just writes to the file with no interpretation.

(@@:) :: String -> IO a -> IO aSource

wrapError :: String -> a -> aSource