uniform-io- Uniform IO over files, network, anything.

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data BoundedPort Source #

A bounded IP port from where to accept SocketIO connections.

connectTo :: IP -> Int -> IO SocketIO Source #

ConnecctTo ipAddress port

Connects to the given port of the host at the given IP address.

connectToHost :: String -> Int -> IO SocketIO Source #

connectToHost hostName port

Connects to the given host and port.

bindPort :: Int -> IO BoundedPort Source #

bindPort port Binds to the given IP port, becoming ready to accept connections on it. Binding to port numbers under 1024 will fail unless performed by the superuser, once bounded, a process can reduce its privileges and still accept clients on that port.

accept :: BoundedPort -> IO SocketIO Source #

accept port

Accept clients on a port previously bound with bindPort.

closePort :: BoundedPort -> IO () Source #

Closes a BoundedPort, and releases any resource used by it.

getPeer :: SocketIO -> IO (IP, Int) Source #

Gets the address of the peer socket of a internet connection.

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