unittyped-0.1: An extendable library for type-safe computations including units.

Safe HaskellNone



A number of mathematical or physical constants.



pi' :: (Fractional f, Floating f) => Value f NoDimension CountSource

π as the floating point value it has in the Prelude.

pi :: Fractional f => Value f NoDimension CountSource

π as a rational value. Which it isn't. But we can pretend it is.

c :: Fractional f => Value f Speed (Div Meter Second)Source

The speed of light

e :: Fractional f => Value f Charge CoulombSource

Atomic unit of charge (elementary charge)

m_e :: Fractional f => Value f MassDimension (Kilo Gram)Source

Atomic unit of mass (electron mass)

a_0 :: Fractional f => Value f LengthDimension MeterSource

Atomic unit of length

e_h :: Fractional f => Value f Energy JouleSource

Atomic unit of energy

m_P' :: (Fractional f, Floating f) => Value f MassDimension (Kilo Gram)Source

Reduced Planck mass