utf8-string-0.3.6: Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings




Support for encoding UTF8 Strings to and from [Word8]



encode :: String -> [Word8]Source

Encode a Haskell String to a list of Word8 values, in UTF8 format.

decode :: [Word8] -> StringSource

Decode a UTF8 string packed into a list of Word8 values, directly to String

encodeString :: String -> StringSource

Encode a string using encode and store the result in a String.

decodeString :: String -> StringSource

Decode a string using decode using a String as input. | This is not safe but it is necessary if UTF-8 encoded text | has been loaded into a String prior to being decoded.

isUTF8Encoded :: String -> BoolSource

isUTF8Encoded str tries to recognize input string as being in UTF-8 form.

utf8Encode :: String -> StringSource

utf8Encode str is a convenience function; checks to see if str isn't UTF-8 encoded before doing so. Sometimes useful, but you are better off keeping track of the encoding so as to avoid the cost of checking.