utility-ht-0.0.11: Various small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples, Functions

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mapPair :: (a -> c, b -> d) -> (a, b) -> (c, d) Source

Cf. '(Control.Arrow.***)'.

Apply two functions on corresponding values in a pair, where the pattern match on the pair constructor is lazy. This is crucial in recursions such as the one of partition. One the other hand there are applications where strict application is crucial, e.g. mapSnd f ab where the left pair member is a large lazy list. With the lazy mapSnd we make the application of f depend on the whole pair ab. See Data.Tuple.Example for two examples where one variant is definitely better than the other one.

mapFst :: (a -> c) -> (a, b) -> (c, b) Source

mapSnd :: (b -> c) -> (a, b) -> (a, c) Source

swap :: (a, b) -> (b, a) Source

forcePair :: (a, b) -> (a, b) Source


fst3 :: (a, b, c) -> a Source

snd3 :: (a, b, c) -> b Source

thd3 :: (a, b, c) -> c Source

mapTriple :: (a -> d, b -> e, c -> f) -> (a, b, c) -> (d, e, f) Source

mapFst3 :: (a -> d) -> (a, b, c) -> (d, b, c) Source

mapSnd3 :: (b -> d) -> (a, b, c) -> (a, d, c) Source

mapThd3 :: (c -> d) -> (a, b, c) -> (a, b, d) Source

curry3 :: ((a, b, c) -> d) -> a -> b -> c -> d Source

uncurry3 :: (a -> b -> c -> d) -> (a, b, c) -> d Source