uu-parsinglib- Online, error-correcting parser combinators; monadic and applicative interfaces



Tis module contains some background information about a completely new version of the Utrecht parser combinator library.

Background material

The library is based on ideas described in the paper:

@inproceedings{uuparsing:piriapolis, Author = {Swierstra, S.~Doaitse}, Booktitle = {Language Engineering and Rigorous Software Development}, Editor = {Bove, A. and Barbosa, L. and Pardo, A. and and Sousa Pinto, J.}, Pages = {252-300}, Place = {Piriapolis}, Publisher = {Spinger}, Series = {LNCS}, Title = {Combinator Parsers: a short tutorial}, Volume = {5520}, Year = {2009}}

which is also available as a technical report from http://www.cs.uu.nl/research/techreps/repo/CS-2008/2008-044.pdf

The first part of this report is a general introduction into parser combinators, whereas the second part contains the motivation for and documentation of the current package.

We appreciate if you include a reference to the above documentation in any publication describing software in which you have used the library succesfully.

Any feedback on particular use of the library, and suggestions for extensions, are welcome at mailto:doaitse@swierstra.net