uuid-1.0.2: For creating, comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique IdentifiersSource codeContentsIndex

This library is useful for comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique Identifiers. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UUID for the general idea.

For generating UUIDs, check out Data.UUID.V1, Data.UUID.V5 and System.Random.

data UUID
toString :: UUID -> String
fromString :: String -> Maybe UUID
null :: [a] -> Bool
data UUID Source
The UUID type. A Random instance is provided which produces version 3 UUIDs as specified in RFC 4122. The Storable and Binary instances are compatable with RFC 4122. The Binary instance serializes to network byte order.
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toString :: UUID -> StringSource

Convert a UUID into a hypenated string using lower-case letters. Example:

  toString $ fromString "550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000"
fromString :: String -> Maybe UUIDSource

If the passed in String can be parsed as a UUID, it will be. The hyphens may not be omitted. Example:

  fromString "c2cc10e1-57d6-4b6f-9899-38d972112d8c"

Hex digits may be upper or lower-case.

null :: [a] -> BoolSource
Test whether a list is empty.
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