Changelog for uuid-1.2.4

1.2.4 - Unpack Word32 values into UUID constructor. 1.2.3 - The Read instance now drops leading spaces in the string to be parsed. Thanks to Marc Ziegert for reporting this bug. - The tests have moved over to the new Cabal test running framework. 1.2.2 - Add functions fromWords/toWords The goal was to have a total function that can be used to construct a UUID, primarily for use by uuid-th. 1.2.1 - Fix concurrency bug in Data.UUID.V1 (thanks to Neil Mitchell for reporting and a test case) 1.2.0 (Contributors: Antoine Latter & Mark Lentczner) - added functions toByteString and fromByteString - added 'nil' UUID - added unit tests and benchmarks, built when configured -ftest - major speed up of to/from functions (as well as in general) - added version-3 generation (deterministic based on MD5) - major changes to internal representation - now uses four strict Word32 values - internal ByteSource classes for easy construction (see Builder.hs) - Storable instance now stores in memory as system libraries in C do: 16 bytes derived from the network order of the fields, no matter what the host native endianess is. - fixed bugs in V1 time and clock stepping, and V1 generated values - builds cleanly under GHC's -Wall - added CHANGES file 1.1.1 - no longer exporting 'null' from the prelude - add 'null' predicate on UUIDs - documentation fix (thanks Mark Lentczner)